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Several years experiences of our team members in different fields of industries like Gas, Oil and Energy, Lubricants, Chemical, petrochemical and polymers and new technologies in these fields caused to create a new company GEPARD German Parts Development. Main activities of this company can be divided in four different fields : Industrial Machineries, Raw materials and Automotive Parts, Lubricants, Chemical and Petrochemical products, Raw materials and industrial machinery and New technologies in these fields under a German brand with name of DENALUX.
In branch of Industrial machineries and Automotive parts our company has capability of providing all existed auto parts with OEM standards for all auto makers and brands from Germany. Users around the worlds can be assure about quality and originality of requested parts.
In branch of Lubricants this company provide complete range of necessary lubricants in all fields of Automotive, Motorcycles, Marine, Industrial, agriculture and also Antifreeze, Additives and Car cares with highest quality and latest standards MADE IN GERMANY under brand of DENALUX. Accurate and advanced quality control and selecting the best raw materials with very high obsession and using in production, guarantees the highest possible quality in the company’s products. Ongoing quality inspections according to highest specifications made an unbeatable quality and unique advantages for you.
Chemical, Polymer and Lack industries is one of most important branches of the company. We have a very high university graduated team with high skills in these industries and all our product portfolio will provide with most updated knowledge with highest quality under brand of DENALUX.
And in last activity we consider all industries which gradually are going to new resources of energy and new technologies in these field. For example automotive makers are going to develop their new plans to Electric or Hybrid technologies and even another plans likes Hydrogen fuel. These new technologies are completely different of old generation of industries. New generation of Batteries and another parts in all field will be a new challenge in all countries.
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We only manufacture our products for you just in Germany, even in this stage of time which most companies try to transfer their production place from Germany and Europe out to Very cheaper costs countries.  Using best raw materials from Germany and reasarch and development and production according to latest technology and updated specifications of this science.

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To achieve satisfaction of all DENALUX member family, we commit to deserve maximum quality in products of the this brand. Quality control, quality management according to latest international standards and getting regular feedback from customers and final customers and other DENALUX family members are some of ways that we can being inform about quality and the ways to optimize and develop it in new products.


All members of DENALUX team try to provide completely satisfaction of cooperation for all its wholesalers, distributors and consumers. To achieve this goal all team spirit spend maximum energy in research, development, creativity, innovation and support distributors as most important members of DENALUX family to grow up side by side. All of us hand in hand will improve the current situation to a higher and stronger level of business and relationship. You will always have real support of members in Germany .


There are some principal responsibilities which each company should be aware from them. As a member of world community, DENALUX is completely aware of its social responsibilities. We pay our Tax and also will re-invest our profits in research and development to up-grading products quality and supporting all global team members around the world. Also, we will support national and international charities to make our contribution of human being.


We all are committed to protect the environment and earth. This is the most valuable Legacy we have inherited from our previous generations and we must pass it on to our children and future generations, even with better conditions. We are responsible of citizens in all countries and communities where we do business. We take possible care for safety of workplace and also our products in this regard.