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Since chemical industry is based on science and technology, its development is more important in developed countries. The global chemical industry is mostly controlled by few multinational companies as they have the patent right of the products. The major chemical-producing countries are USA, Germany, China, Russia, Japan, France, India, Brazil, Italy, Poland, Belgium and UK.

Germany is known for its rigorous environmental standards, its obsession with renewable energy, and high labor cost. Yet Germany’s chemical industry continues to be number one in Europe by local companies export more chemicals than any other European country.

GEPARD German Parts Development GmbH now can be a powerful bridge between biggest Chemical companies in Germany and even another European countries and cmpanies in another continents. High Quality products with Laboratory test and highest technical specification and standards with producer waranty is part of business of our company.

Lack and industrial raw materials for this field is also a professional field that our company by having experienced technician is pioneer in it.  

The label “Made in Germany” is now a symbol of the highest quality, particularly in the skincare sector. The heritage of German and Switzerland beauty has always been anchored in simplicity: seeking out ingredients that are proven to work.

German skin care is all about clean, trustworthy beauty and only using the best ingredients. our company is one of the providers of new formulation skincares , Gels and Pigments with highest Qualty of Germany.

After three years of working on a new formulation of nail gel, our company succeeded in formulating and making a new type of UV-LED acrylic nail gel, which is much higher in terms of quality and durability than its previous generation.

 These gels are prepared from the best raw materials of the German market, whose suppliers are European manufacturers, and they meet all the requirements of the raw materials in the European and Swiss markets.

Acrylic UV-LED gels, which are sometimes known as bowl gels in the market, after the chemical curing process under the UV-LED device, perform the same role as natural nails, but in the desired size and shape, with a stylish and modern appearance. he does.

This product, which is known as Aufbau Gel in the German and Swiss markets, and as Buildup Gel in the American and Canadian markets, has successfully passed all strength and durability tests and is higher than the required European standard.

For people familiar with the nail design process, one of the usual problems of UV-LED gels is the heating of the nail during the process and the curing process under the UV lamp, but with three years of research in our products, this problem has been completely solved and the only heat The light of the LED lamp is felt by the customer.

Another advantage of this product, unlike the products available in the market (especially Asian and Chinese products that have a dull and yellow background), is the complete transparency and colorlessness of the Transparent product, which has no yellow background.

The third and unique advantage of this product is the lack of need and sometimes little need for filing, which in addition to consuming less materials and time, has the advantage of environmental health for the designer and customer due to less dust.

This product has a unique shine and in the feedback received from nail studios all over Germany, customers are very interested in having this gel on their nails as the last layer.

This product can be offered in 10g, 20g and 40g containers and other weights desired by the customer.

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Adhesives and Colours

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As a specialist for individual solutions in the field of adhesive technology, we are connected to biggest European leading manufacturers of adhesive product and system solutions for industry, commerce and consumers.

Our portfolio includes a variety of different adhesive and industrial colours, which we can customize in a variety of ways. Just inform us of your needs – together we will find the perfect solution.