Industrial Machineries, Raw materials and Automotive Parts

Production and Industries

Germany is a leader in providing customised products to the global manufacturing industry via small- and mid-sized companies. Machinery and equipment is one of the technological motors that drives Germany as a high-tech nation and combines all of the key future technologies (including electronics, robotics, materials, and software).

GEPARD German Parts Development GmbH can be one of the best bridge between High Quality machineries, Equipments and industrial Automation and robots manufacturers and your company.


Knowing the best place to get your auto parts will save you a big deal. Quality products mean fewer repairs, assured safety, and saved money. In case of damages, sourcing auto spare parts from well-known manufacturers is also an assurance of long service. If you own an auto parts retailer or repair shop, offering high-quality auto parts at affordable prices will boost your business.

Our Company is a German trading and export company focussed on dealing with genuine automotive parts and accessories. OEM car parts of all manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, VW, Ford, … and also spare parts for all German suppliers in Germany is our professionall activity in this field. 

Automotive Parts

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Raw Materials

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European Countries especialy Germany are providing Raw materials for most high technologicall industries.

Chemical raw material, perfumery and cosmetic, material paints, colour stains, decorating colour, glazes, flavouring essences, flower extracts, essential oils, colours for food and cosmetics, fatty acids, stearic acid, oleic acid, esters and related products, natural waxes and speciality oils,  pharmaceutical, Steel and other  industrial raw materials are part of raw materials in Europe.

Our company is active in import and export activity of all necessary raw materials in industries.

Germany as one of the most development countries in Europe and even in the world has high potential in field of scince transfering to help companies in another countries.

Automation, Computer, Industrial and all the technical fields and scince is part of our activities.

Technology transfering and Training

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Industrial Machineries

Raw Materials

Original Auto Parts